In accordance with the spirit and approach of all our friends in "Hechalutz" and the Zionist Movement, that were not fortunate to live with us in the State of Israel, we did not want to erect a statue or a sculpture to commemorate them, an object that will symbolize indeed the past suffering, but will not serve as a bridge to the future. We asked to build a house that the life will continue to flow, that the young people will read and learn there, a place people will come to, sit down and make conversation within its walls.

From the foundation scroll of Beit Terezin
"The game was our life", Peter Erben R.I.P.
"It was a refuge from our daily worries ...", Jacob Tzur R.I.P.
"On Thursday we received the shocked news ,that transports are about to leave. There was panic in the ghetto. We were waiting to see who would be included in the transport, Harry and Peter were included. When the transport was about to leave, we still hoped that at least Harry would return. He did not come back. Our guide, Irka Frenkel, traveled voluntarily because of his parents."

Yirka Ganes, from the youth newspaper "Kamarad" No. 8


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