Education Center

“Liga Terezin" - Sports, Antisemitism, Racism and Human Spirit

The educational project combines lectures, workshops, soccer tournaments and an educational program based on a relevant exhibition that tells the story of Liga Terezin, a soccer league that operated in Ghetto Theresienstadt between 1943 – 1945. 

The program aims to instigate a discussion of past, present and future values, among which are racism, violence, hatred and freedom of speech, their influence and impact on society. The program emphasizes the power of human spirit in the story of Holocaust and its relevance to present life.

Travelling exhibition

Commemorates the soccer league that operated in the Theresienstadt Ghetto for 3 years. The players were both adults and teenagers. The exhibit introduces visitors to the characters and worldviews of the players and organizers of sports in the ghetto, who utilized sports to instill educational values and to maintain sanity and a connection with the lost world.