“...If you want to convey a heavy subject such as the Holocaust, you have to use intimate things. Intimacy is created through personal stories, but greater, more significant intimacy is made possible through art...”

(Aaron Appelfeld)

"Days Beyond Time - Artists Meet Testimony"

A multidisciplinary art project that introduces young Israeli artists, third generation to the Holocaust, with the testimonies of Holocaust survivors – All survivors of Theresienstadt Ghetto.

In the last two years we have worked on a unique artistic project by the artists Maya and Gal Rave which deals with Holocaust remembrance – “Days Beyond Time – Artist Meets Testimony”.

This project introduced Israeli artists, third generation to the Holocaust with testimonies of Holocaust survivors, and accompanied the creative process inspired by the testimonies.

We have gathered the testimonies of people that survived Ghetto Theresienstadt, edited them into a focused, powerful and meaningful experience, we introduced these testimonies with artists from different fields (painting, sculptor, dance, photography etc.) and turned the testimonies into art.

The testimonies are a collection of monologues of people in their twilight years. Our wish is to give continuity to their stories, their memories and introspection, to give them life through the power of art.

Holocaust survivors participating in the project: Petr Lang of blessed memory, Vera Idan, Zvi Cohen, Maxi Livni, Talma Segal, Alisa Tennenbaum, Vera Meisels, Ruth Meissner, Eva Erben, Hanka Drori, Hana Malka and Dita Kraus

Artists: Amit Kabesa, Eran Webber, Geva Alon, Iddo  Rotem Amizur, Markus, Izabella Volovnik, Amir Shefet, Milli Barzilai, Shahar Sivan, Anat Or Magal, Moran Zilberberg, Noa Zamir and Aya Steigman


On January 27th, 2022, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the exhibition was first shown at ART & ABOUT Gallery (Emek Hefer)

The Exhibition will be displays at D10 Art Space Gallery 6, rue Ami-Lullin, 1207 Geneva from January 26th 2023 til February 20th 2023

A special opening event will take place on January 25th at 17:30pm

Register: https://bit.ly/3C4tp4T

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