“...If you want to convey a heavy subject such as the Holocaust, you have to use intimate things. Intimacy is created through personal stories, but greater, more significant intimacy is made possible through art...”

(Aaron Appelfeld)

"Artist Meets Testimony"

Opening of the exhibition on January 27, 2022
on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Art & About Gallery , Emeq Hefer Industrial Park

Your support will allow us to accomplish this significant project

The intergenerational connection created between the chilling testimony from then and the life of today creates an interesting encounter that brings out specifically the human experience, the universal qualities common to all human beings. The young artists form their own interpretation by connecting to human emotions that they each identify in themselves: compassion, confusion, sorrow, courage, detachment, faith, love, optimism. They then create their work through this connection.

As our frame story, we chose to gather together the testimonies from the Ghetto Theresienstadt. The ghetto of Terezin, or as it was called by the Germans, Theresienstadt, served to showcase the Nazi propaganda. There, alongside hunger, disease, massive overcrowding and transports to Auschwitz, also existed a rich, cultural community life with a wide artistic expression. In the shadow of imminent death, its inhabitants also took part in a life of study, concerts, plays, operas and activities for children.

Each chapter will tell the story of a Holocaust survivor from the Ghetto Theresienstadt and accompany the artist’s process in interpreting it and the human experience that the story bears. The intergenerational relationship created between the older witness and the young artist creates an interesting encounter that brings out the human experience and the universal qualities that are common to all people. The artists create their own interpretation through a connection to the human emotions that everybody recognizes. Compassion, confusion, grief, courage, determination, faith, love, optimism. From this connection they create their artwork.

אוה ארבן

 The survivors who participated in the project: the late Peter Lang, Maxi Livni, Zvi Cohen, Dita Krauss, Hannah Malka, Vera Meisels, Vera Idan, Ruth Meissner, Eva Erben, Talma Segal, Handa Drori and Alisa Tennenbaum.

The Artists participating in the project: Ido Marcus, Amit Kabesa, Geva Alon, Milli Barzilai, Shachar Sivan, Amir Shefet, Isabella Wolnik, Dina Shenhav and more.


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