Journey of Remembrance and Renewal

75 Years since the Liberation of Ghetto Theresienstadt

Beit Theresienstadt invite you to join a Journey of Remembrance and Renewal of a Torah Scroll survivor of the destroyed Czech community of Olomouc . Rededicated for educational program in Beit Theresienstadt Museum- Kibbutz Givat Hayim- Israel



Together, we will memorialize the historical achievements of Czech Jewish Communities, bear witness to all that was lost and via the orphaned Torah Scroll instill a renewed connection to Jewish Heritage.

Participants from all corners of the world will arrive in Prague on Thursday May 14th to experience a Shabbat Farbrengen Reunion – including tours, lectures and festive Shabbat meals – honoring the renewed life of an orphaned Torah Scroll.

The central event on Sunday, May 17th in Terezin will open with a formal Czech  state ceremony commemorating the Liberation of Terezin, followed by a solemn march through Terezin and the rededication of the Olomouc Czech Torah Scroll to the  Beit Theresiendstadt Museum  by the Memorial Scrolls Trust. Participants will then continue to Israel on May 18th for a unique tour that will include networking with Israeli MST communities and accommodations in the Hilton Tel Aviv – a proud member of the MST family. The journey of the orphaned Torah Scroll will culminate in a festive rededication ceremony at the Beit Theresienstadt Museum – founded by survivors of Theresienstadt – in Kibbutz Givat Hayim Ihud on Friday May 22nd  during the Annual Assembly of the Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association.

In Cooperation with : The Památník Terezín Memorial of the Czech Republic; The Jewish Museum of Prague; The Jewish Community of Prague 

 For further information please contact :

Beit Theresienstadt +972-4-6169515; [email protected]

Yaakov Ben-Ze’ev -Project Coordinator: [email protected]