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Education Center

"Liga Terezin"

Sports, Antisemitism, Racism and Human Spirit

The education center at Beit Terezin was established in 1993 and conducts a wide variety of educational programs and seminars geared to elementary school (grades 5-6), middle school, and high school students. In addition, Beit Terezin holds seminars for IDF soldiers and defense personnel, university students, teachers and educators, retirees, and others.

The unusual story of the Theresienstadt ghetto facilitates a discussion on a wide variety of historic and humanistic topics, including: the Central European Jewry and its fate, the process of ghettoization and the “Final Solution”, spiritual resistance, sport and the human spirit, education under impossible conditions, art as a means of survival, and more.

The instruction is conducted by veteran guides with multiple years of experience, and includes a tour of the museum exhibits, lectures, research work, movie viewing, workshops, testimonies, and more.