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Education Programs for Students

The educational center at Beit Terezin offers a variety of educational programs that are suitable for students of all ages. The days of the seminar include a tour of the three permanent exhibitions at the museum, as well as workshops on various subjects.


Seminar Topics:

v    Jewish resistance in the Theresienstadt ghetto

v    Art and creativity in the Terezin ghetto – between documentation and testimony.

v    “Maturation within the walls” – on the world of the children and youth in the ghetto.

v    “Liga Terezin” – sport and youth in the ghetto

v    The world of culture and music in the Terezin ghetto.


Workshops on the Topics:

  • “Our newspaper” – a program for elementary school (5-6 grade)

The children of the Theresienstadt ghetto created vivid children’s press which expressed the difficulties with which they coped, their dreams and their hopes. During the activity, the world of the ghetto children is unfolded before the ghetto children, by means of writings and drawings they left behind.

** The program includes two meetings. The first in the Beit Terezin museum and the other at the school (it is possible to conduct both meetings within one day).

  • Maturation in the Terezin ghetto – a program for elementary school to middle school and up to High School.

Most of the kids aged 12-16 in the ghetto lived in separate residence apart from their parents. This reality of breaking up the family cell dictated a change in the way of life and expressions of independence and maturation. The program studies the various relationships between parents and children and among the children themselves and examines the meaning of maturation in these conditions.

  • “Play was our life…” – a program for middle school to High School.

An educational program which is based on an exclusive exhibition in Beit  Terezin – “Liga Terezin – sport and youth in the ghetto”. The program concentrate on the educational and ideological meaning of sport and brings the participants together with the figures and worldview of the players and the organizers of the sport activities in the ghetto.

  • “To create the sun when it’s not there” – a program for middle school to High School.

A common educational program for Beit Terezin museum and the “Neshima” (breathing) association.

Under unbearable conditions of hunger, disease and death, the ghetto prisoners continued to create, play, and listen to music, and it was for them a “spiritual revolt”, a refuge from daily life, and gave them, in their words, a reason to live. The educational program enables the students to know and create dialog with various artworks which were written, drawn, or performed in the Terezin ghetto.

  • Liga Terezin – sport, racism, and the human spirit – a program for High School.

The program is inspired by the story of the soccer league that took place in the Theresienstadt ghetto in the years 1943-1945. The program’s goal was to stir up and hold discussion on ideological topics associated with the Holocaust which are also relevant today, such as racism and violence, hatred and limitations of free speech, the individual in contrast to the one of the crowd, the human spirit, and confronting a difficulty.

  • “In the footsteps of a family’s fate” – a program for middle school.

Research activity in the course of which the students will get to know the story of a Jewish family from Prague and will become acquainted with central events in the period preceding the establishment of the Theresienstadt ghetto and the daily life in the ghetto. The activity is based on research and discovery work through exhibits and testimonies in the museum’s exhibitions at the end of which an entire picture of the family members will be revealed before the young researchers.