Past Events 2018

Seminar on history, music and memory

  15 youth from all over the country arrived at Hanukkah for a unique seminar week – History Music and Memory “Song banish the darkness” in collaboration with Mekorock Israel. And created original songs inspired by the story of the Theresienstadt Ghetto and the origins of the Bible.

An intergenerational Chanukah meeting

9/12/18, we light chanukah candles at Beit Terezin

Enjoyed an exciting meeting of four generations and launched Ruth Meisner’s diary “I wish that everything will be over”

Inaugruation of the Whole fragments exhibition

A homage to author and translator Ruth Bondy, on the first anniversary of her death: Three fascinating exhibitions and the introduction of her last book

To mark one year since the passing of journalist, author, translator and Holocaust researcher Ruth Bondy, the exhibitions “Whole fragments” and “Once there was I” will be opened jointly in late November – 40 artists in three galleries, alongside artifacts from the Beit Theresienstadt Museum and archives, side by side with texts by Ruth Bondy.

The unique exhibition, a rare collaboration between artists, curators and institutions, will open on November 23rd 2018, at Beit Theresienstadt in Kibbuz Givat Haim Ihud in the presence of the Czech and Slovak ambassadors to Israel. It will include references both to Bondy’s past as a Holocaust survivor and researcher, as well as to her colossal cultural enterprise, as one of Israel’s most productive and appreciated writers and translators: the first woman to win the Sokolov Award for print journalism for her work as a publicist, the author of trailblazing biographies and a gifted translator. “A woman who singlehandedly built a magnificent cathedral of exemplary translations from the Czech language and opened for Israelis a window to literary treasures,” as Haim Gouri said.

The exhibitions will be displayed in three adjacent galleries, all in Emek Hefer: “Whole fragments” will be presented at the Beit Theresienstadt Museum,  including current artwork and historical artifacts that correspond with texts by Ruth Bondy on the Holocaust; the Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud Gallery will present works that correspond with her cultural enterprise and rich world; the Zuzu Gallery in the Emek Hefer industrial zone will showcase the exhibition “Once there was I”, inspired by Ruth Bondy’s text, “The shrunk me”. Written at age 91 and published after her death in the “Ha’aretz” newspaper, it has become an iconic text about old age and how it is perceived.

The exhibition at Beit Terezin will be open all year round and at Givat Hayim Ihud Gallery until the middle of February.


Sunday -Thursday from 8:00 until16:00

Saturday (December and January only) from 11:00 until 15:00

Melodies of fire and hope

20.11.18 17:00

Concert marking 77 years since formation of the Thereseinstadt Ghetto, conducted by Dan Rapoport

“The Metamorphosis of an Object” - Experiential and Fascinating Inter-Generational Activity

July-August 2018

The World Klezmers Center in Tzfat


The international meeting of Beit Theresienstadt

May 12th 2018

Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony

International Women's Day

In Memory of Ruth Bondy and Michal Efrat

Celebrate Family Day

Memorial Day in German Football

27th January 2018 in Mainz/Germany


How do you say a Holocaust in German?

Lecture by Yossi Gilad for International Holocaust Remembrance Day
On 26/1/2018 10:00 at Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud